The Cutting Room Floor

In His Hands.

The time will come for things my dear, of which you’ve not yet known

Of trials that will try and break your spirit, a hurt that settles deep in your bones

You’ll toil and strain to no avail through some of these I fear

My hope for you is that you’ll rise victorious, safely home and clear

But if you find yourself one day, alone among the rubble

I pray you’ll remember the only One who can pull you from the trouble

He’ll pick you up, He’ll make you whole, He’ll heal all that’s been broken

Then He’ll set you on your feet again, His gift not just a token

He’s on your six, your blindside too, of that you can be sure

If you hand them over, the reigns He’ll man, in His hands you’ll be secure


There are times in our lives when we find ourselves standing at a crossroads.

There’s a moment, when all we can do is watch over our shoulder at the ghostly memories of the past. There’s pain, joy, sadness, disappointment, betrayal, surprise…things you’d like to remember and things you’d long to forget.

 All we want to do in that moment in turn heel a run. Run straight back into the arms of the past. Because those memories – those moments – we can’t get them back. There’s no do over. No repeat. But they’re safe, and they’re predictable and they’re familiar.

And we might. We might head straight back and bury our head in the sand. Because change is hard. Change. Is. Hard.

But there’s only so long you can spend with your head in the sand before you realize that you’re missing out; that your whole life is passing you by. And those memories, those flimsy shadows, don’t hold the power they used to. They’re empty replicas that your mind has attempted to construct. And they’re not enough.

So, at the crossroads we stand, fed up with the crick in our neck and ready to take the next move.
But the first is the hardest. And so we take a deep breath, turn way from the past, and take one, small step on the road toward the future. And our hands may shake and our mouths go dry, and our bodies bend in half at the ache as the past tugs violently at our hearts… But we do it.
We take another step and momentum builds within us.

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